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Age Of Ultron Trailer Actually Stokes Me Up Even More For Avengers 2!   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,


If you spend any length of time with me it’s pretty obvious I love my comics and grew reading a lot, but in particular I really love the rich mythos that Marvel has created over the decades. Right now I’m also really loving the cinematic world Marvel is creating. Even if they don’t follow the comics to the letter, I’m still amazed how great the films are turning out. ┬áThis first trailer for Age Of Ultron looks pretty amazing and must have all comic fan boys collectively pooping in their shorts. ┬áCheck out the first teaser for the much-anticipated Avengers sequel below.

Wow and wow. Fucking Hulk Buster is looking so rad. After seeing this I’m going to have one hell of a wait till May 1st.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.