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Funky Fresh 60’s X-Men:First Class Faux Credit Sequence Makes Me Grin And Feel All Fuzzy On The Inside   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

Before Matthem Vaughn was announced as the director of X-Men:First Class I was having anxiety nightmare about A “Twilight styled” Marvel flick taking a huge bowel movement on my boyhood heroes; But alas Vaughn has surprised me yet again with where he has convinced Fox to take the story. Going back to the 60’s Kenndy era and WWII (the era the original comic was published and set in) is a stroke of pure genius.

Bringing Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Cold War into the mix will ground the characters in our world and bring a new dimention to the series. I trust the Vaughn to bring something special to the table and it looks from the first trailer he’s made a pretty solid X-Men film. Now here’s hoping it will be epic in scale and scope, fingers crossed.

An interesting fun little Saul Bassian type 60’s style opening credit sequence popped up online today. I’m pretty sure this is a fan made deal, but it is very cool none the less.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.