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Dark Knight Rises Posters Remind Us Avengers Isn’t The Only Epic Comic Movie This Summer. A Fire Will Rise Apparently   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

The, I’m hoping is beyond epic, Dark Knight Rises due in theaters on July 20th which marks the end of director Christopher Noland’s involvement in the world of the capped crusader along with Batman himself Christian Bale. I’m filled with lots of excitement to see Tom Hardy’s portrayal of the super villian Bane. Crazy shit is bound to happen in this film, as I know the writers are very knowledgeable in the Batman world and only one thing should happen to end this trilogy and story.

Can’t wait to see the film in IMAX and witness what could possibly be the first really great third movie in one timeline in DC film history. We all know it’ll be better than the last two attempts anyway.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.