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Newest Thor Trailer Filled With All Kinds Of Awsome Wickeness..   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

This is one movie I think looks better and better the more I see of It. This might be one of the harder sells this year for people who don’t know anything about the Thor comic universe, but I think getting an early start on the summer blockbuster season with a May 11 release ,3D and trailers like the one below that just got released will help draw in the crowds. For fellow comic geeks like me, we are all to excited for some of our favorite Marvel characters  to finally see the treatment they deserve on on the big screen. Take a look at all the super awesomeness unleashed below:

Looks pretty rad. The big CG creature at the end still needs a little texturing and rendering work, but  all the rest has me getting more and more excited for May 11. Hope it catches on with the mainstream audiences and makes its cash at the box office. Only a few months away till we get to see if the 3D hammer of Thor will kick some ass or not. I’m betting on an ass kicking, how about you?

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.