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Tarzem’s IMMORTALS Trailer Looking Pretty Sick. Hopefully The Story Hold Up.   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

Tarsem Sing is a director I’ve been interested in since seeing his first feature directorial effort “The Cell”  in 2000.  The visuals were something that really stuck in your head even if the story was lack luster and full of holes.

Directing many music videos and commercials the next 5 years following into his 2006 feature film “The Fall”. Tarsem brought a stunning vision to the screen with his original adult fairytale. The visuals in “The Fall” are some of the most stunning totally “in camera” shots of landscapes and locations. When you see the film you would swear the locations are a green screen back drop, but surprisingly there was no green screen or set extension used.  A stunning film, well worth a look on Blu-Ray or DVD.

  We come to 2011 and we get  “Immortals”, from the producers of “300”  a sword, sandal and sorcery  epic “a la” green screen sets. Henry Cavill plays Theseus, a man chosen by the gods to lead a rebellion against the evil King Hyperion/Mickey Rourke. Supporting him in his corner are priestess Pheadra/Freida Pinto and Zeus/Luke Evans. Judging from the trailer we get a “300” looking film with a Clash of The Titans reluctant hero story. Take a peak ( best to switch the player to 1080p for the full effect)

If you can take the manufactured digital look of the film, you might be in for something special here. Looking at Henry Cavill in this trailer I have no dought he has the body for the Superman roll he starts filming in June, absolutely ripped.I like the look of this so far. With some more time on the CG rendering before November release will crisp everything up nice I’m sure. As long as there is some sort of a decent story  I think it could be a pretty awesome film, we’ll see on November 11th 2011.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.