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Sucker Punch Kicks Me Hard In My Geek Balls, And You Know What? I Really Enjoyed The Ass Wooping . Booya!   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

Yesterday afternoon walking into an completely empty IMAX showing of  Zack Snyder’s latest fan boy fever dream Sucker Punch, I found myself wondering why in the first 16 days of release the film had only made $33 million domestic at the box office, with a total $66 million worldwide gross, dropping off almost 65% after it’s first week.Was this fall out from the Watchmen film that didn’t really connect with mainstream humans like 300 did? Is Snyder loosing his chops and audience per say?

With the reviews at best being lukewarm in scope, I was expecting a watered down slick looking PG-13 action eye candy piece with heavy emphasis on style over substance, or candy over story if I may.  From the opening Warner Brothers logo, almost the same logo as used in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge (opening red curtains on a classic theater stage), we get a sense of a Musical genre film to follow the likes of Chicago, Nine, Sweeney Todd and/or Moulin Rouge.

In the first 5 minutes the people the film is marketed to(13- 25 year old males) might find it hard to impossible to sit though what seems like a introduction to the ultimate chick flick fantasy dancing movie , I how ever was sucked into the story instantly by the dark imagery and great visual storytelling. The real clincher for me what the action scenes placed in the spots where the traditional “song and dance” number would be. the instant the music starts and the main protagonist Baby Doll begins to dance for the onlookers, she is transported in her head to a fantasy world battle for survival populated by the other character in the movie. These action sequences are peppered through out the film and every entrance to this fantasy land battle ground raises the level of action moving through every geek/fan boy situation you could imagine from Nazi zombies to giant demon samurai. As my heart raced and my balls tingled seeing the heart pounding action sequences unfold in front of my eyes, I could only utter WOW over and over again. Seriously F@#king WOW!For me this film cements Zack Snyder as my favorite action director working today. The action is jaw dropping and is unmatched at this level. No stupid over use of shaky cam and unnecessary quick cuts here. Every shot beautifully executed, obviously fully story boarded and thought out.  Once you let yourself surrender to to the world Snyder has put you into the more you feel the pure cinema experience he’s created here wash over you.This is a film to see on the biggest screen you can possibly find, get bent, sit back and soak up the awesomeness.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.