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X-Men:First Class Trailer Is All Kinds Of Awsomeness   1 comment

Hey Everybody,

I’ve been antously awaiting a look at X-Men:First Class since the news broke the Mathew Vaughn was taking the directing reins on the project. What first sounded like an absolute nightmare for true x-men fans (yes, the ones that though X3 was a serious down turn in the series, a real pile of shit), but I got very interested after hearing Vaughn was getting involved with Fox again on another X-Men project; The first being X3 for 3 months or so up here in Vancouver, until Fox decided to push for the release date instead of doing what Vaughn wanted, which was take a few more months to lock down a script on a project that had no finished script. I don’t think ever really did until the last day of shooting, at least that what it seems like with the result Ratner’s directing gave us.

Vaughn’s Idea for the First class movie sounded intriguing to me, to set it in the original time period portrayed in the original run of the comics, WW2 Germany to Kennedy era America. After seeing Vaughn’s other directorial efforts Layer Cake, Stardust and Kick Ass I’m hopeful, obviously a fan of  the comics himself, he has something really special to give long time X-Men fans.

The first trailer hit the internet this afternoon with eager fan watching it over and over, I’m figuring scrutinizing every detail it shows of the film. That a look below for all the awesomeness and decide for yourself whether you”ll be in the theater June 3rd or not. Make sure you turn the player to 1080p to get the full picture quality, the detail on the CG stuff is nice for a trailer especially. Enjoy.

My god is that shit cool or what? I think it looks super sick! Maybe more because I was was having nightmares of an X-Babys movie directed by another hack who doesn’t know shit about comics of the marvel universe, or real film making for example. I would say Matthew Vaughn has a perfect record on his films so far, it looks to me that X-Men:First Class is going to follow in that trend, maybe even bringing back some respect to the X-Men franchise for Fox . Defiantly looking more forward to June 3rd all of a sudden. Great Fucking Trailer Boys!!!

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.