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Nispel’s Conan The Barbarian Gets New Trailer, New Poster And Reportedly Still Has A Hard R Rating, As Should Be…   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

Look like a big summer for action flicks, lots of competition this blockbuster season. The reboot of Conan the Barbarian in August is a long awaited return of the Cimmerian Barbarian from Hyboria to the big screen ring. Lots of older people I talk to about the project are having a hard time separating the Conan character and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal in two feature films 1982 and 1984. He kicked ass and as far as most humans are concerned he is Conan period. I’m thinking younger people will have a better time with the character because it’s been so long that most teens and 20 somethings haven’t even seen the Arnold films and don’t associate him with Conan and Ron E Howard’s Hyboria universe. Jason Momoa has a good chance to bring the character to a whole new audience unaware of the awesome brutalness of  Conan and his world. The new trailer finally gives us a better view into the new version of Hyboria and directors Marcus Nispel’s vision for the Barbarian Reboot and Momoa’s take on the Conan Character.

The scale of the battles is looking sick and I like the size and physicality of Momoa. I also see some visual references to old Conan art I love, “Horse vs. Chain”  an absolute classic. A lot of fast cuts in the trailer don’t give you too much time to focus on anything specific to criticize, but it hard to tell what the end result will be. All I can say is I’ve read the script and it is really really  great, so I hope that translated to screen well.

I really wish director Marcus Nispel all the luck on this one, could be a big money maker and hit with fans and newbies alike. We’ll see in August if the 2011 Nispel/Momoa Conan the Barbarian holds up or surpasses the 1982 Milius/Schwarzenegger version; For some this is an impossible feat that can’t be done, for others such as myself, we are ready for a new great take on our favorite R rated childhood Barbarian anti-hero, and possible sequels taking the character through new stories and places in Ron E. Howard’s Hyboria would be a real treat .

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.