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Snyder Tweets Affleck Batman Suit And Batmobile pics   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,


The internet has been ablaze all day after Zack Snyder tweeted a picture earlier of Ben Affleck in the new Batman suit beside the Batmobile we’ll be seeing in the Man Of Steel sequel


Then a bit later a colour version of that same pic went up and gives us a pretty good idea of the look and detail going for a Jim Lee/ Frank Miller type hybrid look. Looking pretty cool to me. We’ll see how it looks in action May 6th 2016

I was one of the people who enjoyed Man Of Steel even considering the flaws in the film. I like Snyder as a film maker and am looking forward to seeing what he does with the rest of the DC universe going into his Justice League film


Till Next Time. Stay Tuned

Sick Ass Figure And Statue Pics Galore, Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys Booth San Diego Comic Con 2013   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

My favorite booth every year at Comic Con in San Diego is the Sideshow Collectibles booth. Displaying their own figures and statues as well as being the North American distributor for the Hong Kong based Hot Toys there’s always a great abundance of awesome stuff at the booth. Below is a selection of stuff from this years Con. All you figure heads out there are sure to enjoy all the sick eye candy that was on display.

Sideshow 1:1 Scale Busts And Figures

sdcc2013_sideshow_29 1005738_418780918236675_1093899600_n sdcc2013_sideshow_31 sdcc2013_sideshow_151 64038_598044973560357_1766021750_nSideshow 1:4 scale Premium Format

sdcc2013_sideshow_41 sdcc2013_sideshow_54 sdcc2013_sideshow_53 sdcc2013_sideshow_48 1002465_693506010675069_1051508895_n sdcc2013_sideshow_50 sdcc2013_sideshow_66 sdcc2013_sideshow_64Sideshow 1:4 scale J.Scott Campbell Comiquette



Sideshow 1:6 scale Star Wars

sdcc2013_sideshow_165 1002127_418787131569387_442968627_n2_zps752eb388 sdcc2013_sideshow_167 sdcc2013_sideshow_166 sdcc2013_sideshow_169 sdcc2013_sideshow_175 sdcc2013_sideshow_171

Sideshow 1:6 Scale GI Joe

sdcc2013_sideshow_180 sdcc2013_sideshow_181 sdcc2013_sideshow_179 sdcc2013_sideshow_183

Hot Toys 1:6 scale Robocop

1004065_524169264322728_1314586876_n_zps54a4b2ae sdcc2013_sideshow_116Hot Toy 1:6 scale T2 Battle Damaged T-800

sdcc2013_sideshow_131Hot Toys 1:6 scale AVP Predators

1075877_524163884323266_946444161_n sdcc2013_sideshow_115

Hot Toys 1:6 scale Batman

sdcc2013_sideshow_140 sdcc2013_sideshow_136 181461_693503870675283_197128473_n sdcc2013_sideshow_135 998404_693494080676262_355167461_nHot toys 1:6 Superman

1005641_557277417667586_779307345_n sdcc2013_sideshow_138 sdcc2013_sideshow_141Hot Toys 1:6 Avengers

sdcc2013_sideshow_89 sdcc2013_sideshow_101 sdcc2013_sideshow_102Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Captain America

970119_395744143879869_1539739901_n_zpsc838013aHot Toy 1:6 scale Iron Man 2

1003477_557277291000932_316301953_nHot Toy 1:6 scale Iron Man 3

993615_598050760226445_2122588499_n 1045027_598050146893173_1670266542_n sdcc2013_sideshow_92 sdcc2013_sideshow_104 sdcc2013_sideshow_105 sdcc2013_sideshow_108 sdcc2013_sideshow_109 sdcc2013_sideshow_103 sdcc2013_sideshow_111 sdcc2013_sideshow_112Hot Toys 1:6 scale Lone Ranger

sdcc2013_sideshow_80Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.


Hot Toys Backstage Preview Of The New Huge Dark Knight Rises 1/6 Scale Batwing   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

This sucker looks huge! Appearing on The Hot Toys Facebook page with a “guess what we’re working on ” type message attached . I pretty sure this is the 1/6 scale Batwing from the new Dark Knight Rises film out on July. Looks like Hot Toys is going all out for there biggest money maker in Batman.

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Dark Knight Rises Posters Remind Us Avengers Isn’t The Only Epic Comic Movie This Summer. A Fire Will Rise Apparently   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

The, I’m hoping is beyond epic, Dark Knight Rises due in theaters on July 20th which marks the end of director Christopher Noland’s involvement in the world of the capped crusader along with Batman himself Christian Bale. I’m filled with lots of excitement to see Tom Hardy’s portrayal of the super villian Bane. Crazy shit is bound to happen in this film, as I know the writers are very knowledgeable in the Batman world and only one thing should happen to end this trilogy and story.

Can’t wait to see the film in IMAX and witness what could possibly be the first really great third movie in one timeline in DC film history. We all know it’ll be better than the last two attempts anyway.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.


New Dark Knight Trailer Gives Us Only Glimpses Of What Is To Come, And Gives Me Slight Shivers To The Idea Of The Conclusion Of Noland’s Run   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

All I can really say is I’m loving what I’m seeing from Dark Knight Rises so far. I’m thinking is going to be very epic finally to the Noland trilogy but I can’t see how interested kids will be in this compared to other fair in the theaters this summer. As far as I’m concerned though, I’ll be in the IMAX theater come July a few times to see the final time we’ll see Christian Bale dawning the cowl. You’d better enjoy it as well because it looks like Warner’s is looking to get Ryan Reynolds to replace Bale in the reboot coming soon I’m sure. So here’s the 3rd and latest trailer below:

Not seeing too much is probably a good thing. Always want to be some what surprised if that’s possible any more. It might be the first time in a long while if ever that a third movie actually works well or at all. My fingers are crossed for Batsy this time around.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.


Official Pictures Of Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Burton ’89 Batmobile Looks Simply Awesome.   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

Hot Toys keeps bringing new and exciting thing to the 1:6 scale world. Their latest preview brings the 1989 Batman movie front and center. Next year fans of Burton’s Batman will be able to pick up their very own 1:6 scale highly detail Batmobile.  Looks amazing, great details, and this sucker will kick the shit out of any 1970’s-80’s Barbie dream corvette, guaranteed . Check out the pictures and full detail below.

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Batmobile Collectible Vehicle featuring the likeness and details of the Batmobile from the Batman (1989) movie.

The 1/6th scale Batmobile Collectible Vehicle specially features:

– Authentically detailed 1/6th scale model car

– Approximately 39” L x 16” W x 9” H

– Perfect scale to Hot Toys Batman (1989): 1/6th scale Batman Collectible Figure

– 2 headlights, 4 taillights and interior light-up function

– 2 seaters

– Two (2) machine guns

– Functional door which allows sliding function

– Articulated flaps on both sides

– Four (4) batdiscs

– Detachable side plane and side hook on both sides

– Detachable base

– Batmobile’s shields

*Battery not included for collectible, 2A batteries (a total of 3 pieces) are required

Release date: Q2, 2013

TM & © DC Comics.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.


Hot Toys Nicholson 1/6 Scale Joker Is Going To Be Complete And Total Awesomeness.   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

Yesterday I posted some pics of the Keaton ’89 Batman that’s on it’s way from Hot Toys in 2012. So I figured today I’d bookend it with a look at the official images of The Jack Nicholson Joker from the same 1989 Tim Burton film. It really looks like an amazing piece of pop art waiting to take its place on many shelves right next to the Keaton. Wow, what they can do with plastic, paint and fabric now a days, just super. “Wait till they get a load of me…”

Enjoy the utter madness below.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned