Sam Raimi’s Original Concept Make-Up Test For The Green Goblin Was Beyond Rad…   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

green goblin 1999 conceptartconcept 1999 greengoblinAlmost always in film making before any image makes in front of a camera  there are many many variations in design and ideas that will create the over all best look for a particular character. When coming to comic character translations there are so many wacky outfits and  visuals that might seem like they would be very difficult to portray as realistic or serious in anyway . In 2002 Sam Raimi gave us our first taste of a super budgeted Spider-man film, jumping the gun a bit and mixing up continuity in this origin Spidey story, The Green Goblin appears as the first villain. There has been a lot of rumors that circulated that the original Goblin costume was so utterly cool and shocking that it out shined Spidey duds to the point the studio actually asked the director to take another route on the design. Now finally we can see the test video from the FX company for what Raimi had originally envisioned for one of Marvels greatest villain. This shit below is so dam sick I so wish the studio had got on board. Enjoy

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