A Really Awesome Funky 1982 Convention Featurette On Blade Runner I’ve Never Seen Has Popped Up Online.   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

One of the Blade Runner Convention Reels with vintage interviews with Ridley Scott, Syd Mead and Douglas Trumbull about making Blade Runner universe has popped up online. This 16 mm featurette, was made by M. K. Productions in 1982, is specifically produced to circulate through various American fantasy, horror and science fiction conventions.

I guess the people at the time only had the budget left to license some classic porn music, even for ’82 the shit is way outdated. Pretty fun to see how much marketing aspect has changed in the film industry. I always love to see anything on Blade Runner I haven’t seen before, this has some good stuff in it for sure

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.



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