Ridley Scott Confirms A Few Snipits On Blade Runner 2, It Seems To Be Moving…   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

It’s a very touchy subject re-entering a beloved film world 30 years plus later, but with Ridley Scott about to unleash Prometheus upon us ( dieing to see it) We get some news on another timeless classic sci-fi film Scott will re-visit in the near future, revealing a bit more to the direction the Blade Runner Sequel will be taking.

Over at The Daily Beast The Full Article:


The Some What Major News:

What about the rumored Blade Runner sequel?

RIDLEY-“Funny enough, I started my first meetings on the Blade Runner sequel last week. We have a very good take on it. And we’ll definitely be featuring a female protagonist”.

The other major thing that was in the trades last week is that original writer of the 1982 Blade Runner , Hampton Fancher has been brought aboard to develop the idea for the original screenplay. The film will take place “some years after” the conclusion of the first movie. As for where and who the film will be about, except for a female protagonist we have no other news as of yet.

For me it seems a scary subject to go back in and do something in the Blade Runner universe. I hoping after Prometheus blows me away I’ll be more open to the idea. It’s like touching into religious artifact territory stepping back into Replicants and Spinners, but when your the architect of the original masterpiece it might be a magic trick only Ridley Scott could pull off. Only time will tell and I’m nervous as hell where this is all going.

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