Ghost Rider 2: Spirit Of Vengeance 3D Kiss Ass On The First One By A Mile. If You Like “Nutty Zaney” Nick Cage, Here It Is.   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

The first thing to say here is that Ghost Rider 2 is a fast paced B action movie with a $75 million dollar budget and an A-list star whose made a huge career out of turning projects that would most likely end up going strait to video, into box office gold. Nick Cage has done some terrible films, but there is always something utterly watchable about his performance no matter what.  Whether we get the serious performance , an off balance character or just pure insane Cage, he’s mostly entertaining more times than not.

If you’re one of us who absolutely loathed the first Ghost Rider film and were hoping for something with a bit more kinetic imagery and enjoyable action, this might be a flick you’d enjoy. Putting aside all the conveniently placed plot points that deal with moving the story forward more than pure logic, this is a fun and crazy action flick that got the imagery of the rider from the comic on screen far better than the first. The tone resembles something closer to a darker Ghost Rider story you’d expect from a stuntman that sold his soul to the devil to save his fathers life; Not a character forced into story and world manufactured for the sake of safe watered down choices, which is one of the things, of many the first one got wrong in my opinion.

The real thing about the new movie that works on a few levels is the complete ridiculousness of the whole thing is taken very tongue and cheek,  embraced and surrounded with a simple story line that resembles the plot of many 80’s and 90’s action flicks, some special kid is in trouble, the unlikely anti-hero is the only one to save him. Toss in some high octane action sequences, stylized shaky cam cinematography, flaming skull effects, a swack disposable baddies, a few big ass explosions,  3D and you’ve basically got Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance.

Now, I’m not saying that this is the best GR film we could ever get but it works on a totally ridiculous fun level and they go very far out in the way the story is told and presented. I also liked it on the level of at least seeing the Rider look and act like I figure the character would act. A word of warning though, if you are one of those humans that thinks that the look of the Ghost Rider character is just stupid to begin with, this movie won’t change your mind, but if you are a fan of the comics and the original Marvel imagery, you should enjoy the trip.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.



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