New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Is More Passable Than Amazing….   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

I am looking forward to seeing this new Spider-man coming out this summer. Mostly because the cast is great and the first trailer I saw in 3D, and was blown away by the POV stuff that was in it. I think the tone and look of the film is good. I do think the design of the Lizard is sort of suspect for all us spidey geeks that have followed him threw the years in the comics. I will defiantly be seeing this on opening day, if possible in IMAX. Even though I was a fan of the first two Raimi films, I thought were good but there was still room for improvement in places, more so in the first one than the second. I am ready to see what this new alliteration has to offer. New trailer below, decided for yourself…

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.



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