New Trailers Keep Pouring In For Next Years Blockbuster Race Candidates. A Few Holiday And The Start Of The Year “Dump Months” Releases As Well….Time To Dive In   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

Trailers, Trailers, Trailers. A big few weeks for the release of new trailers and some have a better look at their respected movies being the second previews released. Some look like they could be cool, Some look like a full out waste time, money and brain power. You decide for yourself below…

SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS- Director Guy Ritchie [Sherlock Holmes (2009), RocknRolla (2008), Revolver (2005), Swept Away (2002), Snatch (2000), Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998) ]

This looks good to me, bigger production than the original, great actors, interesting visuals and great action pieces. Hope it tops the first one which I thought was OK but not amazing.

THE CABIN IN THE WOOD- Director Drew Goddard [ Writer of Cloverfield, TVs- Lost, Alias, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer ]

I was working on a long series of commercials a few years ago at Lions Gate Studio in North Vancouver, when I noticed my friend who was in wardrobe on what looked to be some crazy ass bloody horror movie. When asking her what it was, she mentioned the writer of Cloverfeild directing, Joss Whedon as the co writer/ producer and super Hard R material. I really didn’t need to hear anymore, I wanted to see it. Skip to 3 years later it finally gets a release. I really think this is going to be a rad mix of genres that 80’s horror fans will really appreciate. I can’t wait for this one personally. I’m thinking this was a movie they had no idea how to market so it sat around for a long while, but I hoping  it turn out to kick bloody ass.

UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING 3D- Directors  Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein [Shelter (2009), Storm (2005) ]

This looks like a really cool idea and  with very nice set pieces. Will probably suck beyond belief . Money grab is written all over this one. Power to ’em if the humans buy in.

JOHN CARTER- Director Andrew Stanton [ Wall-E (2008), Finding Nemo (2003) ]

Looks better that the first trailer for sure. I sort of like it,  but like I said before, it’s reported that Disney needs to pull in $700 million to break even here. Good luck with that one Walt!

THE GREY- Director Joe Carnahan [A-Team (2010), Smokin’ Aces (2006), Narc (2002) ]

This second trailer makes this look super rad. I will be seeing this one.

BATTLESHIP- Director Peter Berg [Very Bad Things (1998), The Rundown (2003), Friday Night Light (2004), The Kingdom (2007), Hancock (2008) ]

Bullshit, upon more bullshit and a twist of stupid robots. This is the kind of crap we’re getting  because of the financial success of Transformers. I would rather watch Daredevil and Fantasitic Four back To back for a whole day that have to sit thought this once.

GOON- Director MICHAEL DOWSE [FUBAR (2002), It’s all Gone Pete Tong (2004), FUBAR 2 (2010), Take Me Home Tonight (2011)]

I love me some FUBAR and Pete Tong. Go Dowse. Looks pretty funny.

MEN IN BLACK 3- Director Barry Sonnenfeld [ Runaway Vacation (2006), Men In Balck 2 (2002), Big Trouble (2002), Wild Wild West (1999), Men In Black (1997), Get Shorty (1995), Addams Family Values (1993), For Love Or Money (1993), The Addams Family (1991)]

No interest but I’m sure some of you are excited for the third one of this bullshit. If I had made Wild, Wild West I would of retired from directing all together out of embarrassment. I guess Sonnenfeld has very little shame. To bad I really liked his earlier work, before MIB. Guess he just needs a pay check like every other sap. Enjoy suckers.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.



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