Bane Fights Batman In The Streets and Tom Hardy Drops Subtle Hints Of Epicness To Come   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

We finally get a look at the full costume for Tom Hardy’s Bane in the up coming Dark Knight Rises. A few days later we get more pics popping up online of the Bat and Bane fighting which looks super rad. The outfit of Bane looking great with the big jacket off.

Recently Total film scored a few quotes on Hardy playing Bane during an interview:

He told them that Nolan called him up while he was shooting This Means War, to ask if he’d be happy playing the musclebound, mask-wearing villain in Rises: ‘Hang on a minute. You’re asking me to come round the world with you in a Batman movie, playing a villain, and the only downside to it is I have to wear a mask? Hmmm, let me think. I’ll get back to you… No, I’m fucking there, man! Anything you need.’”

As every fan that knows the Bane/Batman story already, with out spoilers for those that don’t know, they have some epic battles and epic injuries alike. When they asked Hardy about this he choose his words carefully: “Mmmmm… Good lead-in, but all I can say is that Chris has a plan up his sleeve that’s not at all disappointing. And that is a definite choice that’s watertight in every respect.

“I think Bane’s fucking cool so I’m really excited to play him. It’s not the guy in Joel Schumacher’s film, but it shouldn’t disappoint fanboys” So, does he feel any pressure living up to Heath Ledger’s portrayal as one Batman’s arch-nemeses? “No, none at all,” he insisted. “Brilliant actor, brilliant work – that’s it. I’ve got a job to do.“It’s the same with Mad Max and Mel Gibson. I’m not here to engage in a competition with their talent. It’s to play the character that I’ve been given.”

And he’s not bothered about wearing a mask either: “Any time you put something over your face, you’re going to adopt a personality and a physicality that has nothing to do with acting. It allows a performance to be free.”

Very much looking forward to the final chapter in Chris Noland’s Batman Trilogy. Hoping to see some epic battle and drama for the finale.  I’m sure Noland won’t disapoint.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned

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