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Specific Star Wars Blu-Ray Details To Be Revealed On May 4th. The Money Machine Rolls On.   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

Lucasfilm has announced that all will be revealed about the Star Wars Saga Blu-ray sets in 4 days, with an e-mail message sent out pointing humans to the May the 4th Be with You – Star Wars Countdown page on

With an image from the beginning of the first STAR WARS movie showing Princess Leia storing crucial information for Obi-Wan Kenobi inside R2-D2 , they want all humans to visit the site on May 4th at 6 AM Pacific Time, where the much awaited details of the upcoming multi-disc Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy and Complete Saga Blu-Ray sets are to be revealed to the delight, expectations and I’m sure critical scrutiny of Star Wars consumers and the general consuming humans. All who have been arduosly awaiting this release since the first days of the Blu-Ray format.

Of course Star Wars fans can be more ravenous that a thousand hungry zombies. They’ll consume everything Jedi related in their path no matter how shitty the quality of the product and still criticize down to the smallest detail every angle of the product and then still go out to buy more, more, more of the same.

So, it goes without saying that the Blu-Ray release of the Star Wars Saga with break all kinds of sales record in the fall. I’m sure A lot of people will be getting the set for X-Mas and Boxing Day. More money into the machine.Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.