Thor Is A Great Kick Off To The Summer Blockbuster Season For Geeks And Non Geeks Alike.   1 comment

Hey Everybody,

Thor is one of those Marvel characters that I never did an extensive amount of reading on when I was younger. I had one friend that was into the tale of Asgard and I read a few of those in my day. So going into the movie on Friday afternoon, it was one of the least informed viewing of a comic adaptation film I’ve ever had. I knew very little of the over all source material of the Thor world and how it fits into the over all Marvel Universe besides in 80’s and 90’s Avenger comics.As usual I never want to spoil any part of a movie for someone, with out doing that I would say you will really dig Thor. I enjoyed the film on many levels and it had me laughing much more that I had anticipated, very funny at the right times and switching to a serious tone when it matter to the story and characters. All and all a great introduction to the characters of Asgard and a superb addition to the Marvel film universe.

The one thing that surprised me the most is the brilliant melding of fantasy, magic, science and folklore in the film. This story opens up a whole new can of worms for Marvel Studios and future possible film properties. Making the worlds of myth and modern day realities all come together in a logical and comprehensive way. I can’t wait for some of the more supernatural  Marvel characters to make their way into some films if Thor kicks enough ass at the box office (I always wanted to see a 10 rings/ Mandarin Iron Man film done right).

Bottom line is director Kenneth Bragnagh has given us 2011’s first great summer blockbuster film. Thor is more than just great action sequences and CG, it has a tight story, fun dialog and charismatic star in Chris Hemsworth. You will walk out of this movie itching to see Hemsworth in something else with as much “badassery” as Thor. He will star in many, many films after this, that I pretty much guarantee.

And when you go don’t forget to stay for the after credit sequence which is customarily in Marvel Studio flick the last few years. It’s short but gives you an idea where the over all story is headed.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.



One response to “Thor Is A Great Kick Off To The Summer Blockbuster Season For Geeks And Non Geeks Alike.

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  1. Part of what I wanted from the film was a guy in armor with a giant hammer smacking frost giants in the face…and so I got that. It was a good time at the theaters, and that’s all I asked for. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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