Nispel’s Conan Reboot Teaser Hits The Net Along With A Whole Swack Of New Pics.   1 comment

Hey Everybody,Been waiting to see something from Marcus Nispel’s Conan The Barbarian Reboot for a long time now. This is a project that I was able to get to read the script for and put some input into a few years back . I was doing a commercial series in Vancouver with my director friend Marcus,  he gave me the script to read saying he was offered the movie.After reading the script I was excited by the story and visuals presented in it. It was super sick, extremely violent, bloody, great action in the fantasy genre, a really great Conan story, not perfect but better than I had imagined it would be . I thought it was good material for Marcus to finally showcase his visual talents with a healthy budget and an epic character that was begging to be brought back to the big screen.After he took the job he was off to Eastern Europe to look at what Lionsgate had built for sets and the production facilities. We ended up talking every couple of weeks as usual for the next few months and it came about that I could go over and work on set with him and be apart of CONAN, awesome. I was on board, talking to department heads and was ensured a work visa. A few more months pass and everything seems like it is really going to happen, and then one week away from getting on a plane to go to Sophia Bulgaria to work on the film I was informed my work visa was not coming through and a bunch of other bullshit. This is why I want to see all the visuals in the concept art come to life on the screen so badly. I’ve been seeing the story I read in my head for a few years now and I am excited to see some of finally make it to the public viewing arena.

Earlier in the month some pictures from the set were feature in Empire magazine. Including Jason Momoa as Conan, Stephen Lang, Nathan Jones and even director Marcus Nispel as well. They seem to look ok, not really revealing much but still showing the bad ass look Momoa’s Conan will have.And again the teaser trailer hit the web a week back and it shows very minimal visuals, but does show some fancy moves of Conan with a sword, which looks interesting. I am interested but not super stoked yet.

A bunch more set photos below:

Well the production design looks great and I guarantee the visuals will be amazing, I sure hope the story I read years ago has survived the trials of all the people involved in the production process. If so we could have something special on our hand here. I’m hoping at the very least we get a bloody rampage with kick ass sword play and I think we’ll get that at the very least.

Till Next Time. Stay Tuned.



One response to “Nispel’s Conan Reboot Teaser Hits The Net Along With A Whole Swack Of New Pics.

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  1. siiiiick. i forgot it was jason who acting as conan. so many nights at the mo with him, hah. he’s such nice guy. deserves the best. i hope the film turns out great!

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