Holly F@$kn’ $h!t!!! Hot Toys X-Mas Teaser Annoucement Sure To Gives Geeks A Bonner WorldWide   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

A few days ago Hong Kong’s Hot Toys released a teaser image and new license announcement on their Facebook page that many film and toy geeks around the world will be blowing their loads over for many weeks to come.

Dear Fans, our 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Tokyo is coming in just a week! Are you ready for that?
At the event, we will have new and greatly expected licenses & products to be unveiled!

To kill your thirst, we now proudly announce the FIRST licensed product here which must be highly anticipated by fans for long!! Here, we are excited to bring you with the teaser of our MMS DX Indiana Jones Collectible Figure from the Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, which is a collaborated project with Sideshow Collectibles, and will be FIRST unveiled in the Hot Toys 10th Anniversary Exhibition on Dec 24-26, 2010!!!

In 2011, we will have even more breathtaking, overwhelming and unexpected licenses to be announced! Stay tuned!


Along with a DX Indiana Jones is Hot Toys planing adding a few Star Wars figures to their Movie Masterpiece Series? Judging from the final line of the Facebook teaser it look like 2011 will be a kick ass year for 1/6 scale figures and Harrison Ford geeks alike. I know I’ll be checking out the Hot Toys website on the 24th to the 26th to see what X-Mas 1/6 scale surprises are unveiled for fellow toy freaks around the globe.

Till Next Time. Stay tuned…

…And Happy Holidays



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