The Third Tron Legacy Trailer Make Me Think We Are In For Something Super Sick   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

So a lot of people are asking me what I think the New Tron Movie is going to be like? With the first two trailers we really only got a glimpse of what the story might be along with a mess of great action shots. The just released third trailer has got me very excited to see what the  film could turn out to be. I’m convinced that the 3D aspect of the movie will be the best we’ve seen yet based on the fact that all the shooting days were 16-17 hours plus, and the amount of time they’ve had in post. I was always wondering if the story would be really badly done but I think this new trailer puts my mind at a slight ease on the subject.

Looks pretty promising. I sure the experience of the IMAX 3D will be incredible at the very least, and it will clean up at the box office guaranteed. The real challenge for the film will be the acceptance of the mass of fans that still worship the original 1982 Tron, but I’m willing to bet the people who have never seen the original will be blown away enough to go and seek  it out on Blu-Ray or DVD (which I’m sure is being planned for release with the Tron Legacy disc).

Well I’m thinking I’m going to be in the theaters for this one more than once, it looks like a great effects show. We’ll see at Christmas if the story stands up, at least to the original. One thing is for sure, the world gross will destroy the first one’s. That is the only definite at this point.

Till Next Time. Stay Tunned.



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