Hot Toys Brings The Original T-800 To Life In 1/6 Scale. And Boy Does That Shit Look Nice   Leave a comment

Hey everybody,

The original Terminator is still a great film, It kicks the shit out of that McG crap a few years ago. In 1984 we first got a taste of  director James Cameron’s real feel for kinetic storytelling, a great focus on design and vision on pushing the boundaries of special effects.

The movie also gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cyborg killer from the future T-800 Terminator.

Hot Toys out of Honk Kong has just announced the 1984 version of the T-800 in 1/6 scale.figure  As usual the detailing is super sick.

The outfit is looking tight from the Tech Noir club scene, screen accurate down to the last detail.

The detailing is getting better on every figure hot toys has been producing in the last few years.

This Head sculpt looks nuts. Perfect likeness of the 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger. Head Sculpted by Yulli, Head Painted by JC. Hong , Head Art Directed by JC. Hong. Absolutely Incredible.

They really seen to give their Schwarzenegger figures special attention. obviously big fans of the Terminator series at Hot Toys. This shit kick some serious ass,much like Arnold in many of his movies.

As usual I can’t wait to see what Hot Toys have in store for the future.

till next time




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