Fubar 2 Trailer Online. Fubar Blu-Rays In The Stores. Looks Like Someone Is Working The Marketing Right.   Leave a comment

Hey everybody,

I grew up with the guys that were in the first Fubar movie. I think they nailed “The (Head) Banger” phenomenon that roots feel strongly influences by Calgary Alberta Canada and growing up drinking a lot, making “one take” home sketch movies. The Blu-Ray is out in stores now, and when I saw it I had to pick it up. It surprisingly looks a lot crisper on Blu. Considering it was shot on standard def cameras it looks great in HD.

I think Michael Dowse has vision to see the real comedy genius in Paul Spence, David Lawrence and Gord Skilling. These guys have always liked to make people laugh, ever since we were kids I love the fact that we can see their work some where  besides theater sports. I think these guys should be working on a comedy series that needs strait up funny content. They are hilarious.

Now with the success of a first film come the inevitable cry for a sequel  from the so called executive types. With a movie like Fubar, it’s hard to capture magic like that again without spoiling the surprise factor of the characters and story telling medium. Take a look at the trailer which popped up online this week

It looks pretty good. Again, any content these guys do will end up being funny. I hope it gets even more attention and more box office dollars this time around. GOOD LUCK TO YOU GENTLEMEN.

till next time



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