Star Wars On Blu-Ray In 2011 plus ORIGINAL DELETED SCENE FROM RETURN OF THE JEDI   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

Looks like in 2011 we’ll finally be seeing the Star Wars Saga on Blu-Ray. Now, what could get every person that already owns Star Wars on VHS, DVD and for some, Laserdisc to buy the Blu-Ray set, especially when it’s the “special editions”? Never before seen deleted scenes. One of which was presented today at Star Wars Celebration  in Orlando.

Wow, pretty sick scene.  I’m looking forwards to seeing a lot of scenes that were shot for Empire but never made the cut. I own one of the original shooting scripts actually used on the set in 1979/80 and after reading it I realized there’s another 45mins that never made the movie(just for Empire). We could get to see some pretty cool stuff.

Here’s the intro to the deleted scene from Celebration V if you want some more Star Wars talk about the Blu Ray release.

More To Come Soon…



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