Medicom/Bandai 1/6 Scale Akira MotorBike Is Awesome?!   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

In “The ToyLab” I’m not so much going to be doing “reviews” on collectibles and figures/dolls(..or whatever you feel comfortable calling them), but more like pointing out really cool shit I’ve got in my collection, pieces I think reach the level of modern pop art.  Also stuff I think is really weird or interesting might show up from time to time.

The Medicom/Bandai 1/6 scale Kaneda’s bike from the Akira 1988 anime

In every photo I’ll include an original 1978 Kenner 3 3/4″ Stormtrooper  for scale comparison. As you can see the box is giant. Good to fill my storage unit with.

The whole body kit is packed separate from the skeleton of the bike. The engineering on this bike is very well thought out.

The inner skeleton is made of die cast metal and weighs a good 10 pounds at least. Very heavy duty for a Bandai/Medicom product.

The plastic body kit attaches via little magnets. Again this is very well engineered. It’s made like a full scale body kit would be.

Movie accurate right down to the decals and their proper brand names (unlike the cheap ass Mcfarlane versions). Perfect representation of Kaneda’s Bike in 1/6 scale.

As if the Bike wasn’t all ready cool enough. They also added all the lights in the wheels, dash board and headlamp. On top of that the two petals make a few different movie sounds, the revving of the bike’s super engine and peeling out sounds. All and all this thing has all the bells and whistles.When I first got the piece, it took me a while to figures it all out being that the instruction are all in Chinese.

And of course the 1/6 Kaneda from Medicom

I sort of dig the look of the packaging on the first in the Akira line. I’m not usually a fan of Medicom’s work at all, but this figure is OK.

The outfit feels a tad cheap.If you weren’t careful I could see it tearing easily . I’m sure most people picking him up will be putting him on the bike, which is where he looks the best for sure.

This bike is something I thought I would never see in this scale and at this quality. It’s one of those “dream come true” things for me that I’ve wanted for a very very long time. It is definitely a jewel in my collection.

Only problem with rolling with such a pimp bike is possibly having to buy your way out of Imperial entanglements. Or worse yet…

…getting jacked for your super bike by a time traveling rabbit man. Bummer…

More to come soon.



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