Hot Toys Platoon Figure Photo Update. New High Res Pics.   Leave a comment

Hey everybody.

I dug up some more picture of the Charlie Sheen Platoon figure from the Ani-Com in Hong Kong a few weeks ago.

The quality of the sculpt is crazy. Looks like a mini Chris Taylor. The sculptors at Hot Toys are true artists.

The weathering on the outfit is awesome, right down to the mud on the boots. They really did their research from the movie.  Those little details make this figure hard to pass up.

Also looks like we’ll be seeing three more characters form Hot Toys, Tom Berenger’s  Sgt.Barnes, Willem Defoe’s Sgt.Elias and Johnny Depp’s Specialist Lerner. By the close look at the Taylor figure, sculpt and all, we’ll most likely be seeing some more great work on the other three characters.

more to come soon



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