Hot Toys Is Seriously Stepping It Up, DX04 Revealed   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,

One of my favorite scenes from any Bruce Lee film has got to be the final fight seen in Enter The Dragon.

When I was 9 0r 10 my friend use to have that poster of Bruce with those three cuts on his torso up on his wall. Every time I looked at that image all I could think is “what a bad ass”. That was before even seeing the movie. That image made me want to see it.

After watching that I fell in man love with the “Bruce Lee”. He delivered a thousand times on that one poster shot and still does upon every viewing.

And now Hot Toys out of Hong Kong has Revealed the DX04 Bruce Lee From Enter The Dragon 1/6 scale figure.

Comes with 2 DX heads, a full rage of accessories and even two backdrops, one is mirrored just like the last scene. This thing looks beyond awesome.

The crew over at Hot Toys has been putting out some very impressive stuff as of late. The head sculpts keep getting better and more life like on each figure. Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the near future.

till next time


That shit is BAD ASS!!!


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