Lighting Super Freak, NATHAN ALLEN   Leave a comment

Hey Everybody,
There’s once in a while you come across another human who is always putting a mass amount of attention and care into there work, and are real artists at what they do. One of those special individuals is Lighting Super Freak, NATHAN ALLEN.

Notice that MR. ALLEN is so engrossed into his job, pressed for time and so important, that he leaves his work gloves on at all times. Even while snacking at the craft service table. It’s a sign of status amongst the real technicians. Poised for anything with his three hundred dollar FBI style head set, he spring into action…

“CLICK” . And the light seems to be on. Problem solved.

Strong Work Nate.

Keep it up.

Now after a day of hard work we may all go out for a few beverages on occasion…

I think bringing the camera with us was a questionable idea.

What a BAD ASS.

LIGHTING SUPER FREAK NATHAN ALLEN, thanks so much for your hospitality on set and off, I could always see where I was going and never couldn’t not see something right.

Remember,  you keep givinr’ and never stop.

till next time



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