Platoon Hot Toys Figures? Really? Apparently So.   1 comment

Hey Everybody
I’m a rabid collector and love the length some of these high end collectible companies have gone to for screen accurate dolls of my favorite movie characters. From Dark Knight to Godfather Hot Toys has delivered some unexpected  but awesome dolls.
Yes. Dolls.
One company I love out of Hong Kong called Hot Toys has done a number of movie figures in the 1/6 scale(12″) that are pretty amazing art pieces as well as being really really nice dolls.
Anyways, with Comic Con around the corner all these companies will be revealing new product and licenses. With a huge surprise it seems that Hot toys will be making Platoon 1/6 scale figures.
Here’s a spy shot of the Hot Toys booth at an Asian convention a month ago.  This will most likely  be revealed to the North American in San Diego in two weeks

Platoon : Chris Taylor ( Charlie Sheen )

Sideshow collectibles out of California did Platoon 1/6 scale figures almost 10 years ago now and even they were good for the time, but this Hot Toys Chris Taylor is dam cool. I never thought the license would ever be revisited by any company but it’s nice to be surprised. Now I can’t wait for the Blu-Ray.
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One response to “Platoon Hot Toys Figures? Really? Apparently So.

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  1. deadly. one of the best movies!

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