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About a year ago I was on a commercial for Microsoft Bing and had the opportunity to witness one of the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen filmed for a product. Fortunately I was able to get lots of pictures to help tell the story of decadent life in the entertainment industry.

A pale is a gallon. 5 gallons of baked beans in total were used for the shoot. Carrying beans pays pretty well believe it or not.

Director Marcus Nispel eyes up the set the Art department put together looking for the perfect mood.

The actress/model wonders exactly what emotion she must manifest to satisfy the physical requirements of the scene.

The pouring of the beans is done in ritual like fashion by professional bean wranglers, supervised by the Art Director Richard Simpson to make sure the looks is right for the Director’s needs.

Richard used to be a multiple title champion in the pro bean wrangling circuit in Mexico and parts of South America. Retiring undefeated to work in the entertainment industry in Vancouver.

Mr. Simpson tests the beans cannon himself. Being the inventor and engineer on the project , he is the best qualified to determine whether the rig was working properly or not.

Not liking the look of the pour. Marcus asks Richard to adjust the angle to increase the veracity of the pour.

With a slight adjustment Richard fixes the angle of the can.

What a nice pour!

Now that the flow is in the go and the Director is happy, the actress finds out the whole story.

Marcus delivers expert direction for any situation. This set of instruction was especially poignant.

After hearing her direction she only had one question.(and this is exactly what she asked. no paraphrasing here)

“How long should I choke before I say anything?”

The expert Art team stands by ready for action at the word of Richard Simpson and Marcus.


Byron the professional lighting expert stands by surveying the scene.

I  look at these two photos wondering what Byron is actually thinking. He looks like he is in some sort of a trance. Half between disbelief and a nightmare, really taking in the scene and then trying to wipe it from his memories.

And Here We Go!

Yes, this is what all you acting student have to look forward to…

if you are lucky.

I think this might have been the point she realized that the check probably wasn’t worth it. Then again maybe not. something tell me this isn’t the worst thing she’s been filmed doing or  been paid for.

And here comes the towel boy.

And the final shot turns out brilliant!!!

Do you think she was choking yet at this point? I think it might be a possibility?

There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction from a job well done. And nothing wrong with a little fun at the expense of other humans, right?

Well I hope if you enjoyed another story from the super glamorous world of work in the entertainment industry.

till next time.



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