“KICK ASS” Kicks Ass. So Why Haven’t You Seen It Yet?   Leave a comment

Well I’ve seen KICK ASS now twice, and I urge all of you to go take a look at this film. it is one of the few films in the last 5 years that I found myself cheering out load for the characters, and on both viewings.

It seems to be doing very poorly at the box office and I think this is in part to the poor marketing that lionsgate did for the film. Making it look more like a light teenage pg-13 action comedy. Now it is light, but it is so Hard R I can’t imagine a young kid watching it and getting any of the content. It is extremely mature and subversive humor done to perfection.
And I promise you, you will cheer out loud or at least make positive reactionary sounds the whole film. I can’t say how much fun this movie is. So help out this film. this is the kind of movie that we should be embracing so that we can get more mature R action pics that have a personality instead of supporting shit like Transformers 2 or Terminator:Salvation, go to Kick Ass this weekend. Tell a friend how much you enjoyed it and get them to go. Support a film makers like Matthew Vaughn who got this film financed independently after every studio passed on the idea initially. After seeing what he had put together there was a bidding war for the final product amongst the same studios in Hollywood. And I can see why. The title says it all, this movie “KICKS ASS”
Thanks for reading and taking my words to heart
Till Next Time
One Light One Love


Posted June 13, 2010 by JMC in Film School Loser Talks Too Much, On The Screen

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