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Hello to everyone reading this Blog. I figured my first post should be a short bio and content outline to get things going. So…
I have been severely addicted to films my whole life. Watching as many as 20 movies a week in my mid teens for a few years, averaging 10 a week for more than fifteen years plus. I have seen a lot of movies and love everything from silent era film to 40/50 noirs , horror film, classic of all kinds, to modern era stuff.

I really love film history and theory of all kinds and have made a reputation as a go to guy for movie trivia augments amongst friends and colleagues alike.

I’m in my mid thirties and have been involved in the film/entertainment industry since I was seventeen. I’ve worked on everything from several 100million to a few 5million dollar pictures as well many commercials,over a 100 productions and counting. I’ve worked with lots of great talented people.
I’ve lived in New York, Los Angeles, and now live in Vancouver Canada.
Pursuing more artistic endeavors this year, hoping they pay off.

Movies, Pop culture, Art, Collectibles, Comics will be the main focus of this blog. Once in a while I might post a few work stories and pictures if the occasion calls for it.

thanks for reading.

one light, one love.

till next time

3500 storyboards, a seven month beard and 3 hours sleep a night for four months


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